Welcome to Hope Discipleship Resources

Articles and Devotionals

These are gospel-oriented articles and devotionals where we delve deeper into the gospel relating to everyday life and living out our Union with Christ. We also include helpful articles regarding areas of particular struggle such as depression, anxiety, addiction, marriage, singleness, parenting, etc.


Valley of Vision Remix Prayer Series

This is a selection of prayers, from ”The Valley of Vision”, that are presented in modern English and written in various forms of liturgy, poetry, rhythmic spoken word.



King Jesus Video Discipleship Series:

This is an online video discipleship resource that is built around the foundation of Union with Christ.



Gospel Info-graphics

This is a series of resources that help to visually communicate different aspects of theology and Christian living.



Sermons and Teaching

These are gospel-oriented sermons preached by Tim Melton along with other notable speakers and teachers. 

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