Welcome to Hope Discipleship! Hope Christian Discipleship exists to joyfully proclaim the gospel of the Christian’s Union to King Jesus – through the means of Soul Care, Discipleship, Online Resources, and Speaking. On this website, we have a number of resources that are available. We will be adding to these resources continually, so keep checking back in to see what’s new. Also, don’t forget to click the “Follow” button on the bottom right of this page and you will automatically be notified when we add a new article or resource.


Articles (Click)  /  These are articles where we make connections between everyday life and our Union with Christ. Video Library  /  This is an online video discipleship resource that is built around the foundation of Union with Christ.
Infographics  /  This is a series of resources that help to visually communicate different aspects of theology and Christian living. Devotionals  /  Here we have  Devotionals on various passages of scripture that relate to discipleship and soul care.
Valley of Vision Remix  /  This is a selection of prayers from ”The Valley of Vision”, that are presented in modern English and written in various forms of liturgy, poetry, rhythmic spoken word. Sermon Library  /  These are gospel-oriented sermons preached by Tim Melton along with other notable speakers and teachers.
Blog Posts  /  These are a selection of blog posts that relate specifically to the ministry and needs of Hope Discipleship. Recommended Books  /  These are books that we find invaluable in regard to discipleship and soul care.