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Articles and Devotionals

These are gospel-oriented articles and devotionals where we delve deeper into the gospel relating to everyday life and living out our Union with Christ. We also include helpful articles regarding areas of particular struggle such as depression, anxiety, addiction, marriage, singleness, parenting, etc.


Valley of Vision Remix Prayer Series

This is a selection of prayers, from ”The Valley of Vision”, that are presented in modern English and written in various forms of liturgy, poetry, rhythmic spoken word.



King Jesus Video Discipleship Series:

This is an online video discipleship resource that is built around the foundation of Union with Christ.



Gospel Info-graphics

This is a series of resources that help to visually communicate different aspects of theology and Christian living.



Sermons and Teaching

These are gospel-oriented sermons preached by Tim Melton along with other notable speakers and teachers. 

The Deceptive Nature of Sweet Legalism

False teachers of the gospel of Jesus come in many shapes and sizes. For the most part, false teachers are fairly easy to spot.

  • False teachers who haughtily and angrily put an emphasis on self-righteous fundamentalism – that’s fairly easy to spot.
  • False teachers who act as if they know the future, talk about the anti-christ all the time, and pretend that they have discerned the “oracles of God” to know when the “apocalypse” will happen – that’s fairly easy to spot.
  • False teachers who always talk about political power, and the supremacy of their country, and how we need to vote for “god’s man” – that’s fairly easy to spot.

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Performance v Relationship

  • The gospel is NOT an invitation to performance.
  • The gospel is an invitation to a relationship.
  • It’s NOT a performance FOR King Jesus.
  • It’s relational dependence ON King Jesus.
  • It’s NOT about seeking perfection.
  • It’s about seeking intimacy with Christ and resting in his perfection.
  • It’s NOT a sporting event where Jesus sits in the stands while we perform for him on the field.
  • It’s a relationship where King Jesus walks beside us, carries us, and feeds us.

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Modern Penance: Obsessed with the Person in the Mirror

This video is the second in our series on Repentance. In this presentation, we learn that the modern Church views Christianity as a Religious Performance “for” Christ, rather than a Loving Relationship “with” Christ. As a result, we Christians generally relate to God through perfectionistic penance, and we become obsessed with the person we see in the mirror.

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Information Video, 2020

Please take 5 minutes to hear about Hope Soul Care and Discipleship to find out what we do at Hope Soul Care and Discipleship, and how you can help us in our ministry.

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Penance: The Wrong Way to Relate to God

This video is the first in our series on Repentance. In this presentation, we learn why the Sacrament of Penance was opposed by Martin Luther in 1517 as the wrong way to relate to God. Listed below are some commonly raised questions about the Sacrament of Penance. If you have any questions are comments, please let us know and we’ll be glad to respond.

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“As I Have Been Sent, I am Sending You” – Sermon on John 20:19-29

Letter to Ministry Partners / 2020

267Dear Ministry Partners,

We cannot thank you enough for supporting us personally, and the ministry work we have been doing through HCDS. Your encouragement, financial support, prayers, notes, phone calls and meals have been God’s lavish grace to us in a difficult season. You have both ministered to us and invested in us, and we are truly both humbled and thankful for each one of you.  Continue reading “Letter to Ministry Partners / 2020”

New Office Space!

6 Office ProjectLast November, Tim and our good friend – Kevin Turner – began a project to build office space for our Soul Care counseling ministry.  Kevin was an incredible leader in this project and gave much time and attention to creating an ideal space. Our son, Camp, also helped with several stages of the work.  On February 15, 2020, we completed the project -all for under $2000!  Thanks so much to all of you who were praying for this need and for your kind gifts to help us get it accomplished.  Praise King Jesus for his steadfast love endures forever!  Below are several pics that show the progression of the entire project. Continue reading “New Office Space!”

To Dust We Shall Return

Dust.jpgLENTEN DEVOTIONAL / Genesis 3:19
“We are all from dust and to dust we shall return.”

I believe that most of us, especially in the US, live with a false sense of security. Subconsciously, we believe that we will live forever. We believe that we are immortal. Death is for the other guy, not us. After all, the world cannot possibly go on without us. Right? We are the center. We are the straw that stirs the drink. We are busy living that way. We are daily occupied with building a life, a marriage, a family, a business, and a nation – without realizing that, at any moment, our lives on this mortal planet may suddenly come to an end. Continue reading “To Dust We Shall Return”