Soul Care Counseling

Soul Care is the pastoral counseling area of our ministry where a Hope Pastoral Counselor meets one-on-one with individuals who are struggling in particular life situations – such as marriage, parenting, singleness, work, school, relationships, family wounds, general depression and anxiety, abuse, addiction, and forgiveness.

  • Our Approach is to help people understand their particular life situation through the lens of a gospel enabled Union with Christ.
  • Our Hope in this work is to create a consciously Christ oriented approach to life that will help Christians to address specific areas of their lives with the gospel. We believe that no true change can occur in a person’s life unless they learn to properly understand and embrace the gospel, live out of a dynamic Union with Christ, and walk in dependence on the Holy Spirit.
  • Appointments: Our appointments are available in person or online through Facetime or Zoom.
  • We Are Not Clinical Counselors: To be clear, we are not licensed clinical counselors so we do not “treat” or provide “professional” counseling. We are a “pastoral ministry” that offers the gospel, prayer, experienced friendship, and Spirit-led biblical Soul Care to those who are struggling.
  • We Are Not a Replacement for Clinical Counseling. We are not a replacement for professional counselors, psychologists, or psychiatrists who specialize in areas of mental illness, self-harm, clinical depression, behavioral disorders, PTSD, sexual abuse, addictions, etc. If a client is struggling with issues of this nature, we would refer you to a licensed clinical counselor. However, because we do believe a clear understanding of the Gospel helps in all these situations we would be glad to walk with you in a Soul Care ministry to point you to the “Good News” of Christ in the midst of your struggle.

* Click Here to schedule an appointment: If you are a first time client, we will contact you after you make an appointment to give you further details.