Soul Care Counseling

What We Do:

  • Soulcare Appointments: This is a pastoral shaped ministry for those struggling in particular life situations – such as marriage, parenting, singleness, work, school, relationships, family wounds, general depression and anxiety, abuse, addiction, and forgiveness. These appointments are also available through phone, Facetime, or Zoom.

What We DON’T Do:

  • We Are Not Clinical Counselors: To be clear, we are NOT licensed clinical counselors so we do not “treat” or provide “professional” counseling. We are a “pastoral ministry” that offers the gospel, prayer, experienced friendship, and Spirit-led biblical Soul Care to those who are struggling.
  • We Are Not a Replacement for Clinical Counseling. We are not a replacement for professional counselors, psychologists, or psychiatrists who specialize in areas of mental illness, self-harm, clinical depression, behavioral disorders, PTSD, sexual abuse, addictions, etc. If a client is struggling with issues of this nature, we would refer you to a licensed clinical counselor. However, because we do believe a clear understanding of the Gospel helps in all these situations we would be glad to walk with you in a Soul Care ministry to point you to the “Good News” of Christ in the midst of your struggle!