Gospel Graphic: Ephesians 2:1-7

The graphic below illustrates that the Good News of King
Jesus is that: We were enslaved to the pattern of this dark kingdom, enslaved to our selfish passions, and enslaved to satanic authority. But God sent his Son to redeem us by buying our freedom with his blood so that we could be made alive to a Union with King Jesus, raised with him in victory over this dark domain, and seated with him as his bride and eternal co-heir. Continue reading “Gospel Graphic: Ephesians 2:1-7”

Union With Christ & Elements of Salvation

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Union with Christ is the ultimate foundation of Christianity.  All the elements King Jesus’ salvation are all built on this foundation.  In this infographic, we use a Christmas tree to symbolize Union with Christ, and all the ornaments on the tree symbolize the elements of salvation.

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The 2 Sides of Pride / Shame v. Arrogance

2 Sides of Pride post graphic.png
The 2 sides of Pride are Shame and Arrogance.
Shame is pride in the form of “defeat”.
Arrogance is pride in the form of “victory”.

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