Valley of Vision Prayer Series

Discipleship Resource Valley of VisionValley of Vision Remix  One of the things we offer on Hope Discipleship, is re-writing a selection of prayers taken from ”The Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers & Devotions.”

Those who are familiar with this collection and have grown to love these prayers as much as I have might be inclined to see this attempt as misguided.  After all, these prayers have stood the test of time quite fine without any help from me.  Isn’t it better to leave well enough alone.  I am inclined to agree, yet I find that re-writing these prayers is a helpful spiritual exercise for me and it may also be helpful to others.

So, in rewriting these prayers, my aim is three-fold:
(1) as a valuable spiritual discipline for my own personal enrichment as I interact with Christ in prayer
(2) to make these prayers a bit more accessible to modern readers, and
(3) to add a more deliberate ‘poetic’ shape, structure and rhythm to the prayers so that they might be used in corporate worship

My hope is that these wonderful, gospel oriented prayers might, to the glory of God, be more fully understood with our minds, and more fully experienced with our hearts.

Below is the outline of the series. You can click on each one to access them.

1 / The Valley of Vision
6 / The Fountain of Everything Good
7 / My Beautiful Attractive God
8 / The Mover of My Soul
71 / The Dark Guest
81 / Purified by Grace
172 / Grace of the Cross
222 / God’s Good Pleasure

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