Are we the Hollow Men?

Are all human beings born with a spiritually hollow heart and mind? Noted mathematician Blaise Pascal believed that we are. He said, There is a God-shaped vacuum in the heart of each man which cannot be satisfied by any created thing but only by God the Creator, made know through Jesus Christ.” In his poem “The Hollow Men”, TS Eliot echoed Pascal’s thought. In this poem, Eliot creates the imagery of a group of scarecrows huddled together in a barren land. 

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King Jesus keeps his people Sacrosanct

Do you dream when you’re sleeping? I do. Very often. My dreams are rarely positive because of painful events in my past. I often re-live moments in my life that were destructive and harmful to my soul. I would love to be able to block these traumatic memories, but my dreams will not co-operate. A few years ago, I had a particularly startling dream. Continue reading “King Jesus keeps his people Sacrosanct”

The Deceptive Nature of Sweet Legalism

False teachers of the gospel of Jesus come in many shapes and sizes. For the most part, false teachers are fairly easy to spot.

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Performance v Relationship

The gospel is NOT an invitation to performance. The gospel is an invitation to a relationship.

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To Dust We Shall Return

Genesis 3:19 reminds us of our fragile and momentary time in this life. “We are all from dust and to dust, we shall return.” I believe that most of us, especially in the US, live with a false sense of security. Subconsciously, we believe that we will live forever.

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The Lost Virtue of Moderation

Have you noticed over the last decade that it seems that the United States has become a nation of uncontrolled extremes?

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The Gospel is a Banquet

If you ask most active Christians what the Gospel is, you will get some version of “Christ died on the cross for my sins so I can have eternal life.” And while this is certainly “good news,” Pastor and Theologian Ralph Erskine would want us to know that it is not the “full banquet” of the Gospel.

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Christianity is a Relationship

When I was a younger Christian and Student Minister, I would often emphasize to my students over and over again that “Christianity is a relationship.”  Strangely, that was not always a popular thing to say. 

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