Can you help Hope Christian Counseling?

If you can help us financially, big or small, we would be so grateful and we give our word that we’ll be as faithful in using your gift as you were in giving it.

Click here now to give online.

Make checks payable to:
Hope Christian Discipleship
1625 Coventry Road, 29575

And if you can’t give to Hope Counseling financially, would you pray for us? 

With your support, we’ll continue helping people experience freedom in the gospel and the life-giving joy of Union with Christ through discipleship, teaching, and training,

Remember, Christ in you is the Hope of Glory!

P.S. I’m told that if you want your gift to be tax-deductible in 2018, checks should be postmarked by December 31st.

On the 31st, you can also donate online before 11:30 PM (your local time in the US).


Hope Christian Counseling
Christ in you is the Hope of Glory!

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