1 / Our Triune God / including video

O Beautiful and Divine Family of Three Persons,Valley of Vision
Three persons, yet One God.

You are God the Father,
Who has ordained creation and salvation,
from the foundation of the earth.

You are God the Son,
Who accomplished the work of salvation,through your perfect obedience,
and your bloody death on the Cross.

You are God the Holy Spirit,
Who accomplishes the work of our sanctification,
by abiding in us and comforting us,
strengthening us and reminding us
that we are adopted children of our Abba,
and that we are the beloved Bride of Christ.

Triune God-head, One yet Three.
You reveal yourself to us
through your eternal Word and Spirit,
and so we know you as one God,
and yet, as a family of three divine
and perfectly loving persons:
The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. 

Before the foundation of the world,
you existed in perfect self-sacrificial love.
There was no lack of anything in you.
You needed nothing,
nor did you have want of anything.

You were not empty,
but perfectly full, and running over with abundance.
You were not lonely,
but gloriously satisfied by your own beauty and fellowship.
You were overflowing with life, and light, and grace,
and you still are,
and you always will be.

Yet, from your good pleasure,
and from your desire to fill all things
with everything that looks like you –
you have made men and women in your glorious image,
to also be a family of persons,
who are designed to be bound together,
in a unified family of love.

O help us Triune God!

For we have broken fellowship with you.
We are at war with you and with each other.
We have ruined our ability to love and to glorify your image.
Please restore all that has been lost,
and renew your image once again,
so that the whole world may know,
the majesty and wonder…

of Our Triune God.




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