Matthew 21:1-14 – Jesus Our Sovereign King! – Tim Melton – 3/25/18

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Matt 11:25-30 Learning of Christ – Tim Melton – 3/4/18

"One" / Phil 2:1-8 – Tim Melton – 2/11/18

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Galatians 5:1-15 – Tim Melton – 1/21/18

Romans – Christmas in Rome – Tim Melton – 12/3/17

Eph 1:1-10 Tim Melton – 8/20/17

Jesus is not a Role Model / Matthew 28 – Tim Melton

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Tim Melton / Matt 28 / August 13, 2017  In this sermon pastor Melton looks at the great commission in Matthew 28:16-20.  In this passage we find Jesus’ command to go into all the world and make disciples.  For many Christians, the idea of discipleship is a foreign concept. Continue reading “Jesus is not a Role Model / Matthew 28 – Tim Melton”

The Deception of Idolatry – Tim Melton

Tim Melton / I Kings 11 / July 23, 2017   In this sermon, pastor Tim Melton looks at King Solomon’s descent into idolatry in 1 Kings 11:1-10.  Solomon directly disobey God and intermarried with many foreign women who turned his heart toward idolatry and away from worshiping Christ. Hebrews 11:2 says that, “Solomon clung to these in love.” Continue reading “The Deception of Idolatry – Tim Melton”

Jesus is Better than Wisdom – Tim Melton

Tim Melton / I Kings 2 / July 2, 2017  In this sermon Tim teaches that when God said to Solomon, “Ask whatever you wish”, Solomon asked for a good thing – Wisdom. However,

Continue reading “Jesus is Better than Wisdom – Tim Melton”

I Kings 2 – Tim Melton – 6/18/17