About Hope Counseling Services

Hope Christian Counseling exists to joyfully proclaim the gospel of the Christian’s Union to King Jesus – through the means of discipleship, teaching, and training. We desire to proclaim this glorious gospel to unbelievers and believers; to all people and all races; to Christian leaders, staff, deacons, elders, and pastors; to the family, the church, and the city. We endeavor to do this so that followers of Christ might more richly understand their Union with Christ and – in so doing – continually delight in the Triune God in ever increasing joy.

Again, our ministry consists of three distinct elements:

1) Discipleship.  This is the counseling area of our ministry where a Hope Counselor meets one-on-one with individuals to help them understand the gospel through the lens of a Union with Christ. Our hope in this work is to create a consciously Christ oriented foundation that will help Christians to address specific areas of their lives with the gospel. We believe that no true change can occur in a person’s life unless they live out of a Union with Christ and learn to properly understand and embrace the gospel.

2) Teaching.  This is the curriculum area of our ministry where we will provide discipleship oriented materials on our website.  These materials include:
a) A Discipleship Video Series called, “Christian Discipleship and King Jesus”
b) A Devotional Study Guide
c) A Prayer Series called, “Refreshed in the Valley of Vision”
d) Gospel Info-graphics that visualize different aspects of theology and Christian living.

3) Training.  This is the leadership area of our ministry where we will provide ongoing training, encouragement, and counsel for church leaders so that they might be better equipped to serve and support the people that Christ has placed in their care.

Hope Christian Counseling is a non-profit ministry. We exist totally on the gracious gifts of those who support us. Therefore, please feel free to use any and all of the resources that we place on our website – free of charge.  If you use our materials, we only ask that you:
1) Give ownership credit to Hope Counseling,
2) Do not charge others for our materials, and
3) Consider supporting us in prayer and financial support.

* All gifts are tax deductible.