A Great Discipleship Article

There is a great discipleship article over at Gospel Coalition: https://www.thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/erik-raymond/take-your-medicine/

Here’s my favorite quote: ”Whatever God calls us to do (law) is anchored in the truth of what God in Christ has done for us (gospel). The trouble is we love us some law. Too often, we zoom past the indicatives while picking up a bucket full of daily imperatives. For some of us, our spiritual grammar is worse than our written grammar. To this, Ferguson writes us a script. “Thus the motivation, energy, and drive for holiness are all found in the reality and power of God’s grace in Christ. And so if I am to make any progress in sanctification, the place where I must always begin is the gospel of the mercy of God to me in Jesus Christ.””

Learning this is huge for me because I definitely “love me some law!” Fantastic article and good plug for Sinclair Ferguson’s book, “Devoted to God.”

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