Video Discipleship

Discipleship and King JesusPlease note that there is a five lesson devotional that corresponds with each video.  When you click on each video, underneath you will see the five devotionals.  You can click on each one to access them.

Introduction: Beginning Theology
Christian Discipleship and King Jesus
1. Learning to Depend on King Jesus (click to view)
2. The Trinity, King Jesus, and the Law of Love
3. Our Souls are Hungry for a Loving and Truthful King
4. Our Souls are Broken: Blinded by Fear
5. Our Souls are Rebellious: Blinded by Pride
6. King Jesus Died to Rescue His People from Death
7. King Jesus Lives to Unify His People in Life
8. Repentance is learning to Worship the Proper King
9. Faith is learning to Rely on the Proper King
10. King Jesus and Discipleship: The Story, The Salvation, and The Life

Series 1: Narrative Theology
King Jesus and The Story of God
1. The Triune Relational God: Love, Truth, and Wisdom
2. The Bible: The Covenant Story of King Jesus
3. The Triune Artist God: King Jesus, the Creator
4. The Betrayal: The Desire to Dethrone King Jesus
5. The Curse: His Beauty Defamed and His People Enslaved
6. The Covenant: King Jesus is Loyal to His People
7. The Incarnation: King Jesus Dwells with His People
8. The Rescue: King Jesus sets His People Free
9. The Adoption: King Jesus gives His People a New Identity
10. The Transformation: King Jesus Jesus teaches His People to Depend on Him
11. The Revolution: King Jesus leads His People into the Darkness
12. The Culmination: King Jesus returns to the Garden

Series 2: Systematic Theology
King Jesus and The Salvation of God
1. Union with Christ: The King Miraculously gives Life to His Bride
2. The Trinity 1: Our God is a Relationally Loving God (Soli Deo Gloria)
3. The Trinity 2: Our God is a Miraculously Sovereign God (Soli Deo Gloria)
4. The Word 1: The Bible is a Miraculous Book (Sola Scriptura)
5. The Word 2: The Law is rooted in God’s Love (Sola Scriptura)
4. The King: There can only be One King (Solus Christus)
5. The Grace: People cannot Rescue Themselves (Sola Gratia)
6. The Faith: Trusting the Work of Christ Alone (Sola Fide)
7. Total Inability: Twisted Desire and Powerless Ability
8. Unconditional Love: The King chooses His Bride
9. Special Redemption: The King dies for His Bride
10. Irresistible Beauty: The King pulls back the Veil
11. Preservation: The King protects His Bride

Series 3: Applied Theology
King Jesus and Living Life with God
1. Sacrificial Love and Union with Christ
2. Justification by Faith and Union with Christ
3. Regeneration and Union with Christ
4. Repentance and Faith and Union with Christ
5. Adoption, Shame, and Union with Christ
6. Addiction and Union with Christ
7. Corporate Worship and Union with Christ
8. Communion and Union with Christ
9. Sharing with Others and Union with Christ
10. The Messiness of Life and Union with Christ